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Tambola Live - Indian Bingo by Junglee Games

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Tambola game also known as Tombola, Bingo and Housie is a worldwide popular party game played with friends and family. Junglee Tambola app brings you all the excitement of 90 ball bingo on your Android and iOS smart phones whenever and wherever you like.
Facebook connect and Invite Friends:
Play with your Friends 24x7. Just Connect and Invite!
Tambola is all about making friends and having fun! Invite your friends and family to the app and start playing with them in private or public rooms. Moreover, you can also invite your Facebook friends to the game and start a Tambola tournament.
Pranks and Gifts:
Pranks on your Friends and Send them Gifts
Love to play Pranks? We all do!! Play pranks on your opponents from the Junglee Tambola app itself. Send them spiders between the game to make it more exciting. Love the way your opponents are playing? Ok.. Then Gift something nice from the gifts menu.
Game Chat:
Chat endlessly while you play Tambola with your Friends!
We’re sure you’ll love to gossip while playing, so play, chat, and socialize endlessly with your friends and fellow players with a cool chat feature in the game app.
Be the King of Tambola and Rule the Leaderboards
Do you think you are the luckiest one there? Measure your luck with other players with the daily, weekly and monthly Leaderboards.
Our bingo game app is only for entertainment purposes and uses only virtual cash for buying tickets and unlocking special features. The cash you win while winning a game cannot be encashed for real money. You can play with your family and friends anytime 24x7 on a gorgeously themed room you love and also gift them on their special achievements while playing the game. So, download the game right now and start enjoying this amazing game of raffle.