Online Tambola Tutorial

Helpful online tambola tutorial for Indian players.

Whether you will use this online Tambola tutorial as a walk through of the app from beginning to end or just browse it as a reference, we are sure you will get what you’re looking for here.

Login Mode

In Junglee Tambola Game App, you can either opt to play as a guest or can login with your Facebook credentials.

Play as Guest

If you choose to play as guest, you won’t be able to claim all the benefits that a registered player will have. Furthermore, you won’t be able to create private rooms to play with your friends although you can play with random players on public rooms.

Facebook Connect

Facebook connect makes you play with all your Facebook friends and random players. This option makes you a registered player of Tambola allowing you to play in both public and private rooms. You will also get 10,000.00 bonus coins if you register with your Facebook account.


You will have an option to choose the theme for the rooms by unlocking each of them, whether it is private or public. Play your favorite game of Tombola in different themes – Egypt, Space, Kitty Party, Dance and a lot more to select from.

How to Play Tambola

To check out the Tambola rules on the mobile device, you need to tap the Settings >> Help option available in the game menu. On the website you can visit the Tambola rules section.

Rate the Junglee Tambola App

We would appreciate if you rate the Tambola App by tapping on the star shaped rating icon. When you tap on star icon, it will take you to Google Play / AppStore page where you can rate the app as per your overall gaming experience.