Tambola Live – Indian Bingo  App Support

We are always here to support you for if you face any issues while playing our Tambola game app.

For any of the queries you might have related with our Tambola game app, please email us at support@jungleetambola.com. We guarantee to help you and provide a feedback for your query within 24 hours.

Protect Your Account

  • Beware of any websites that says you to share your profile to earn some bonus coins. It can be a scam and might cause your account to be hacked.
  • Beware of phishing sites. Your account be compromised and passwords can be modified disallowing you to launch the app again.
  • While using the chat option, beware of players who give you ideas to cheat. They can cheat you as well.

Purchase Chips

If you want free coins, check out our social media posts on Free Coin Promotions that we provide from our authorized Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter pages. Furthermore, if you are out of coins, you can buy the virtual coins directly from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store. Don’t fall for the websites that claim they will offer you free coins if you visit, like or share their content. These websites might be a scam and doing that might result in deactivation of your account with Junglee Tambola.